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[Serious Discussion] What do you think motivates TIMs?

I've seen a lot of different theories on here, and I'm going to list some of the more common ones:

1: Desire to take opportunities and resources ordinarily reserved for women (scholarships, public services, etc.) Note that it's possible to believe that TIMs do appropriate these things while still believing that they transition because of one of the other reasons mentioned below.

2: Using femaleness to sexually harass/assault women in women's spaces (e.g. to perv on women in public restrooms/lockers): This one seems unlikely to me. Why would so many of them chop their dick off when the government lets them into women's restrooms without one?

3: Desire to "fit in" as a gay/feminine male: Seems pretty unlikely, since a lot of TIMs are straight or not especially feminine men.

4: Desire to gain sexual access to gay women/straight men: I kinda understand this for gay TIMs, since most men are straight, making them more romantically successful as a woman, but for straight TIMs, it doesn't make sense to transition, even if you believe that lesbians would actually date you. Unless...

5: TIMs fetishize having "straight" sex with men, or "lesbian" sex with women. Unlike #4, this would explain why straight TIMs transition.

6: TIMs have a strong neurological desire to be women: The David Reimer case (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Reimer) suggests that people have a strong desire to live as their birth sex, and become distraught when they're forced not to. The fact that TIMs don't experience the same symptoms Reimer did living as a woman suggests that they may have some kind of birth defect that makes them want to be the wrong gender. It's possible that the TIM phenomenon is caused by men with a neurological desire to be female who mistake wanting to be a woman for actually being one, and appropriate that identity with little concern for the effects on actual women.

7: Some people theorize that TIMs are part of a deliberate conspiracy by anti-feminists to destroy women's sense of collective identity, to erase the reality of sex discrimination, or to reinforce gender roles. While you may believe that TIMs have these effects, I think it's a bit outlandish to believe in some vast, secret male conspiracy. Besides, TIMs are too self-centered to be doing it for someone else's sake.

So, what do you think? Which theory do you believe is most plausible? Are there any that I missed that you want to put in? Post in the comments.



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