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[Debate topic: “Should rape be illegal?”]

Woman are in fact objects It's written in their DNA, women are designed to be fucked by men. They have vaginas with sensitivity, and it gets moist even when being raped because they subconsciously want to be filled with sperm since that is the animal nature within us, just like how men subconsciously want to put their dick inside.

Women are useless without giving their bodies to men, so they should just submit and spread their legs, let their body speak and stop acting like they deserve shit they didn't even do anything for.

No! It should be legal.. Think deeper ALL humans come with urges along with the need and right to satisfy them so in rape, everybody is the victim. The woman being raped, the rapist and their families are all victims in a way.. For a woman being raped would be very scary, for the rapist it sucks having to go to prison just for taking what's yours.. But in the end it's not rape that should be ilegal it's saying NO to men in need. Even if it's ladies raping men

Make it legal As a woman i know rape is okay... If any men rape me ill let them we are servents to me and we just know it. By now its the only reason we were made was to be maids to men... Rape isnt so bad anyway :) i need 3 more words

Yes, but only when a person commits the act to another person or non-person animal... If rape was made illegal for plants, then considering they are incapable of any form of consent, there would be no plant life on earth. All agriculture business would fail and the economy would collapse. Since the only way for a plant to have sex is non-consensual pollination (another way to say plant sex) this is true.



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