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[Important] Dear incelophobes: Please explain why females should have equal rights

Equality between the sexes is almost universially viewed as a necessity and a righteous cause, yet advocates of it fail to explain why gender equality is desirable in the first place. People just assume it is somehow benefitial to society, while this is clearly not the case.

Men are biologically hardwired to be leaders. Nearly every important invention has been made by men. Despite the de facto and de jure gender equality that exists in most Western countries, men still make up the vast majority of CEOs and occupy most leadership positions.

Women are the exact opposite. They are hardwired to be men's submissive counterpart. The "strong independent woman" trope inherently defies female nature. Therefore, the genders are innately different, and so should be their rights (as well as responsibilities).

Giving women equal rights has not lead to any positive outcomes, only an increase in promiscuity, hedonism, and other forms of degeneracy as well as a decline in marriage and birth rates - both of which are detrimental to any society, by logical necessity.

Not only are women's rights a disadvantage for covilization as a whole, but also for women themselves. Studies have shown females are unhappier than they used to be. This is known as the "Paradox of declining females happiness," although it's not really paradoxical that a gender that has evolved to be submissive is not satisfied with being forced into a position of equality.

As I have sufficiently laid out, equal rights for females are neither advantagous nor desirable for society, both from an ethical and a pragmatic standpoint - so why should they exist?



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