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The Book of the Prophet Enoch, 7th from Adam, and Noah’s grandfather – was censored from Christianity by the occult/ pagan elite “Deep State” of Rome & The Catholic “Controlled Opposition” Church because it tells the story of the Fallen Angels (The Watchers) and how they corrupted mankind, created monsters, and were punished for their transgressions against God.

They came from above, and taught mankind sciences, civilization, technology – and also Sin. Lots of Sin – so much Sin, that God chose to start anew with Noah using the Great Flood. They founded great globe spanning empires through their giant, evil man-eating Nephilim offspring, such as Atlantis founded by Atlas the Titan. They taught mankind other things, too – forbidden things, like sorcery, witchcraft, and human blood sacrifice – especially that of babies.

These fallen angels created the false pagan religions of the pre-flood world, which worshipped them as the “Civilization Heroes” for bringing these poisoned gifts to mankind, and considered their Nephilim giant offspring as Gods.
According to Psalm 90:10 a generation is 70-80 years.

70×70=4,900 years.

4,900 years from 3000 B.C. (500 years after Genesis 6, when the Watchers mated with human women – “Ancient Aliens” and other modern researchers have placed the date of humanities genetic contamination at around 3500 BC.)

4,900 years from 3000 B.C. = 1900 A.D. A time when technology, paganism, corruption began to explode. And “scientism” pretending to be science had a large part to play in the weakening of belief for billions of people who don’t understand that actual science reinforces the scriptures – not the other way around!)
About this time, 1Enoch, Jasher, and Jubilees and other texts were re-discovered in the Dead Sea Scrolls in the Caves of Qumran by some shepherd boys throwing rocks into the caves. Are we to believe this is merely coincidence? Or is this the fulfillment of prophecy?



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