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Our journey begins with a man named Richard E. Byrd or more commonly known as Admiral Byrd. He was a highly decorated service member achieving the Medal of Honor and had an unquenchable thirst for exploring the unknown. This drive sent him to Antarctica numerous times, but the one expedition of interest is “Operation HighJump” (1946–1947).
Here are a few quotes pulled from that interview, “Strangely enough, there is an area left in the world today an area as big as the United States that’s never been seen by a human being.” Byrd said he found this area as he moved further into Antarctica and even went on to say, “It’s an untouched reservoir of natural resources”. This isn’t the desolate wasteland of ice and snow that we typically think about when we imagine Antarctica, but according to the admiral if you travel far enough inland that is what you’ll see. Now unfortunately we cannot trust everything Byrd said as he was a Freemason, but it has been reported that he lost plane after plane due to some invisible barrier. Not too long after this started taking place did the expedition end, six months ahead of schedule mind you.

Trigger Warning: We’re going to debunk 90% of what the government taught you in high school science books. Please check your ego (and everything you thought you knew) at the door.

We Debunk:

Carbon Dating
Out of Africa Theory
Space (Therefore Aliens)
Commoner’s Core Education
All Maps (Except this one)
The Fake News

We Prove:

Biblical Earth (Young, Flat, Domed, Stationary, and Geocentric)
The Flood of Noah
Dinosaurs (Dragons) were with Man most of human history.
Nephilim Giants Rule the World, Seed of the Serpent.
The Deep State worships Satan – blatantly at times.
Vaccines are Intentional, Planned Genocide & Population Reduction
NASA is lying about Space.
Weaponized Food
Baby Parts in Food Supply.
How the Megalithic Structures were Built, and by whom.
The Occult Origins of CRT & Common Core.

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The Book of the Prophet Enoch, 7th from Adam, and Noah’s grandfather – was censored from Christianity by the occult/ pagan elite “Deep State” of Rome & The Catholic “Controlled Opposition” Church because it tells the story of the Fallen Angels (The Watchers) and how they corrupted mankind, created monsters, and were punished for their transgressions against God.

They came from above, and taught mankind sciences, civilization, technology – and also Sin. Lots of Sin – so much Sin, that God chose to start anew with Noah using the Great Flood. They founded great globe spanning empires through their giant, evil man-eating Nephilim offspring, such as Atlantis founded by Atlas the Titan. They taught mankind other things, too – forbidden things, like sorcery, witchcraft, and human blood sacrifice – especially that of babies.

These fallen angels created the false pagan religions of the pre-flood world, which worshipped them as the “Civilization Heroes” for bringing these poisoned gifts to mankind, and considered their Nephilim giant offspring as Gods.
According to Psalm 90:10 a generation is 70-80 years.

70×70=4,900 years.

4,900 years from 3000 B.C. (500 years after Genesis 6, when the Watchers mated with human women – “Ancient Aliens” and other modern researchers have placed the date of humanities genetic contamination at around 3500 BC.)

4,900 years from 3000 B.C. = 1900 A.D. A time when technology, paganism, corruption began to explode. And “scientism” pretending to be science had a large part to play in the weakening of belief for billions of people who don’t understand that actual science reinforces the scriptures – not the other way around!)
About this time, 1Enoch, Jasher, and Jubilees and other texts were re-discovered in the Dead Sea Scrolls in the Caves of Qumran by some shepherd boys throwing rocks into the caves. Are we to believe this is merely coincidence? Or is this the fulfillment of prophecy?

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The Chosen Tribe of God, the Hebrew family of Jacob (Known as Israel afterwards) were all Caucasian, white people. The “Jews” who say they are Jews but are not, and do lie – are actually the synagogue of Satan – the Edomites (Through Jacob’s brother, Esau – A murderous Barbarian) mixed with the Demonic Nephilim remnants of the giants. Hebrews are Caucasian. Today they are known as Christians. Gentiles are non-believing Hebrews.
The word ‘Jew’ replaced the words, Judah, Judahite, and Judaean.

If you examine the full study ‘Jew OR Judah?’ you will see a bad case of identity theft.

Judah was the fourth son of Jacob and Leah. Judah is the territory of Judah. Israelites of the house of Judah are called Judahites. A Judaean is a citizen of Judaea.

This is extremely confusing for the unlearned ‘church’ goer.

In the Old Testament, the incorrect word ‘Jew’ NEVER identifies a Jew. It always identifies an Israelite of the tribe or house of Judah. Jews are not Israelites, they are Edomites.

In the New Testament, you must understand the context to understand who is Judah and who is Jew. Since the land of Judah and the land of Idumea were merged into the land then called Judaea in the first century BC, a Judaean could then be an Israelite of the house of Judah, or an Edomite Jew of the house of Esau from Idumea.

This word ‘Jew’ is not a mistake, it is a deliberate tampering of scripture. The result is that the world and the ‘churches’ believe the Jews are Israelites, which they are not.

The Hebrew word for Judah, which is Yahudah, was replaced in the 18th century with the word ‘Jew’. This happened as a result of over 14 centuries with the variations of the Latin word ioudaeus.

The word ‘Jew’ destroys the true understanding of scripture, and is part of the deception that the Jews continue to propagate that they are the Israelites of the Bible.


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This Series is about The Hidden History of Mankind, and the Mystery Babylon Religion of the Deep State. Ancient Aliens, or the Fallen Angels? What is Biblical Earth? Why is NASA constantly lying to us? Deep Dives into the Ancient Scriptures, proving the Bible to be accurate historically, prophetically, and completely in line with the Scientific Method, if not the “Deep State Science” concocted from seances with one ultimate goal in mind: Convince the masses God isn’t real. Nephilim Giants and their Elongated Skull People descendants across history building massive Megalithic Structures while waging war on God’s chosen people – The Real Lost Tribes of Israel, which later became the Royal Houses of Europe & Europeans. All of this, and much much more – and at the end of the Ultimate Rabbit Hole – It’s all about Him.

This series connects the dots on ALL of:
*The Conspiracies – All of Them
*The Religions – All of Them
*The Secret Societies – Yep. All of Them, too.
*The False Sciences – Many directly derived from Seances! Designed to Debunk the Bible
*The Faked Moon Landing – But Why? We show you the motive.
*Big Brother Ancient Aliens – or Fallen Angels hellbent on our destruction?
*One Satanic Religion Rules The World, Many Faces (Brands) – Even if You’re an Atheist, *They* Believe in Gods that Want. You. Dead.
*Giants – and their Elongated Skull Descendants, found at blood sacrifice ritual temple ruins
*The Scriptures (Including those removed from recent Bibles) including prophetic predictions
*Our Censored Past – If you thought Fake News was bad, wait until you see His-Story
*The Truth About The Pagan Gods – They Were Real! (Nephilim Demigods!)
*Science & The Bible Synchronize, It’s Real and History – And so are ALL the other religious books! They recorded real events, but from the perspective of those cultures and their “gods” – Most of which were the Nephilim!
*They walk among us today – we’ll show you how to spot them.

The Serapeum #crackpot #fundie #wingnut #conspiracy theserapeum.com

This is the exciting and controversial history of the Flat Biblical Earth being covered up Papal edict. They faked Globe Earth to Debunk God’s word! Be sure to see each of the supporting and related articles linked.

In short, the Roman (Antichristic) Catholic Church weaponized Fake News in Science after the reformation, in order to maintain power by ironically destroying faith in God! Since the reformation and printing of English bibles via printing press and available to the masses for the first time was destroying the Roman Government’s deadly monopoly on God and exposing its antichristic rituals and doctrines as well as it’s hypocrisies for We The People to see. The Reformation was destroying the Deep State’s power over world religion, a power enforced by murdering everyone who dared read the bible for themselves, or translate it for others, during what we now call the Dark Ages. People no longer needed a middle man to connect to God…

The Church had to act. Using its Jesuit priest-scientists like Newton and Galileo to deceive the world into thinking the Bible was inaccurate, and that we lived on a Heliocentric Globe Earth. Today, this “Fake News” in Science is known by many as SCIENTISM – The Cult of False Sciences.

They’ve given us such amazing lies as:

Billions years old Earth (Carbon Dating, etc)
Globe Earth
Global Warming

And over the last 500 (or so) years, these lies have been used to attack Scripture and Faith like sledgehammers. Resulting in The Great Apostasy (Falling Away) from God, His law, and the cultural and Christian moral stability that comes with them throughout our societies.

In recent history atheists have gone so far as to announce “God is Dead.” based on these unproven and easily debunked theories.
When the people find out, all faith in every institution, government, scientific field, and religious leader will be wiped out in an instant.

Once you go Flat, you never go back!

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Jews are Edomite Nephilim mutants (fallen angel human hybrids) demons (The Synagogue of Satan that Christ called a Generation of Vipers) descended from the Giants and Fallen Angels (Collectively: The Satan/Adversary) of Genesis 6.

There is a seed war between them and humanity (Genesis 3:15, Seed of the Serpent v Seed of the woman)

They hate you, They sacrifice and eat Christian babies for holidays. They’ve been evicted from hundreds of nations by the courts/governments for doing so.

They are not “Israel” (Jacob/Israel of the Bible) They are Imposter Hebrews.

True Hebrews are Caucasians, Adam, Abraham, Noah, Moses, Yeshuah/Jesus Christ, Paul, etc were Hebrews.

Incidentally, “The Lord” is not in original scriptures either, it is Baal’s title (A Nephilim who built the tower of Babel aka Nimrod the Idiot) replacing God’s true name, YHWH – Which is numerically writ on your human DNA unless you’ve been vaccinated.

Alien bodysnatcher movies got it close enough. Demons live amongst us in the flesh, and they know only hate for the human/Goyim. The Non Nephilim. The Seed of the Woman.
They started Judaism in response to (yes, later than) Christianity as the original Antichrist religion. Canaanite Nephilim pretending to uphold Gods law, perverting everything Christ out of it. And cursing anyone who calculates the actual dates of the Daniel 9 prophecy confirming it was already completed and dispensationalism is freemasonic satanic injected doctrine.

*They* poisoned 30% of Christendom in the Black Death by poisoning Christian wells, Jewish strongholds were untouched, Many Jews confessed. IT was not a virus.

Sound familiar? They are doing it again now.
Their plan is to bring the chaos to boil, then introduce the controlled opposition counterpunch, “conservative” Noachide laws – which aren’t conservative, have nothing to do with Noah, and are Satanic and outlaw Christ as idolatry on pain of beheading.

You’ve been warned.