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We are not ignorant now to what is going on. We know now. You are reading this and now you are one more person who knows. And it is up to us to do something about it! It's time to start screaming and not stop screaming until every last person is released as a prisoner from this base and others like it. Pray for the release of these souls. There is power in praye,r and through prayer, these souls that are being imprisoned CAN BE released and sent to the Lord or just set free from the imprisonment.

Hundreds of thousands of children and adults disappear every year in this country alone. Our government and media cover it up by under-reporting the true numbers of those who disappear, not reporting it at all, making it seem like they are just various cases of runaways, or a spouse leaving with the children. Many of these people who disappear end up in these underground bases to never be heard from again.

The Center For Missing and Exploited Children (run by the government for spin control) estimates that 300,000 children are missing each year. This number could be much, much higher and probably is. Over ten years that's 30 million children. That is a lot of food and harvested bodies for aliens don't you think? Over 30 years, that's 90 million! And our government will kill people to keep it quiet rather than keep it from happening. Why? Because in exchange for their silence, the aliens give them technology.

What technology since the 1950s has been worth over 120 million lives? Mostly children? Lasik surgery, laser beams, computers, the microchip, microwave, almost all of our advances in electronics and human chip implantation have come from the aliens. Did we need them? Many inventions by our own scientists and inventors have been confiscated by the government and then the person thrown in jail or prison to keep them from protesting.

Free energy, cures for cancers, and even Aids were found as far as 30 years ago, but the government confiscated and confiscates the inventions and patents and has killed the scientists and inventors themselves. They don't want cures when the dying industry is big business. They don't want to heal you; their purpose is to kill you. Aids was designed by them to begin with and to target and kill off undesirable populations with predisposed types of DNA. Depopulation is a big part of the Illuminati-NWO agenda. And they don't want you to have free energy when they're making billions of dollars making you pay for it. Under the New World Order, mankind serves as nothing but slaves if they're not being used as alien food. We pay for them to exist in the underground mansions we've built for them with our tax dollars. We have built them a worldwide underground super tube shuttle system. They can travel underground to almost anywhere in the world at speeds we can't even imagine on the surface earth.

Think about these things when you hear the term New World Order and/or Shadow Government.



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