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Prior to being shot in the head this week, Sasha Johnson had big plans for whites. Johnson had been “calling for a ‘racial offenders register’ that would see those guilty of ‘microaggressions’ banned from living in multicultural communities and prevented from working in certain industries.”

“If you live in a majority-colored neighborhood you shouldn’t reside there because you’re a risk to those people – just like if a sex offender lived next to a school he would be a risk to those children,” she fulminated.

Johnson’s call for a “racial offenders register” for whites is a perfectly pragmatic application of the Critical Race Theory rot.

I’ve watched noisemakers on Fox News “argue” against the CRT agitprop in education. Their arguments against the CRT scourge are characterized by a white-out of whites.

Nobody will utter the words “anti-white,” or articulate the “anti-white” essence of Critical Race Theory. CRT is always euphemized as things other than a hatred of whites and a resolve to blacken them. Always. Quit intoning like automatons that CRT is about socialism. CRT is about and against whites.

White kids are CRT’s innocent targets in schools. Yet no one has stated the obvious, that while white kids are brow-beaten; black and brown kids are buoyed by CRT; they come up smelling like roses and punching like knock-out game champions.

Not one of them has said, “Whites. White kids”: The true victims of the critical race miseducation are white kids, as they are the sole repository of hate and aggression in this critical-race blitzkrieg.

Instead, it’s, "Kids are being reduced to their immutable characteristics. It violates the promise of America. It divides us. Martin Luther King, Jr. would’ve opposed it.” Blah. Blah.



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