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[From “Return of Justice: Taliban Reintroduce Public Stoning and Flogging of Women”]

After losing a war they spent twenty years fighting with a humiliating surrender, the US tried to claim “yeah, but at least the Taliban will be more liberal now that we’ve influenced the country with our values of democracy”[…]
Actually, they’re just picking up where they left off

Because traditional Islam is traditionalist, meaning it doesn’t change because the year changes and the latest cellphone upgrade is released

The Guardian[…]
To refer to this as “women” returning to the “darkest days” implies all women are whores and therefore going to get stoned

In fact, when you stone women for being whores, very few women are whores[…]They get married to older men when they are 14, and don’t have sex with another man, ever, unless their husband dies and they get remarried[…]
I hate to say it: but what about men’s rights?

Don’t men have a right to live in a society that is not being destroyed by out-of-control slut women?[…]

“[But] I represent Allah, and you represent Satan”

So true

Reminder: Western media will typically translate “Allah” as “God” – except in cases where they want Moslems to look very alien and backward[…]
It may sound wrong, given that they are technologically very primitive, but it is true: the Taliban is the future

The only societies that are going to survive into the future are the ones that put very strict sanctions on women. Everywhere else, people will simply stop breeding

The Taliban will survive, the Amish will survive. Various other Islamic groups will survive, but I can’t think of any other extant Christian groups that are likely to survive if they do not seriously alter their views on women and start smashing these bitches’ heads in with rocks when they go rogue



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