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( @Nature_and_Race )
Shoplifting isn't at all a White thing to do.

However, I wouldn't fault anyone for robbing the place blind.

They've consciously chosen to participate in the war against White people. Which means they're a legitimate target for retaliation.

( @TheEarlofDesmond )
@Nature_and_Race Black santa, comes through the window when everyones asleep and takes all your valuables..... 😆😆😆

( @RealMarkHohe )

What nonsense....would a black kid wear this.....?

A white kid wearing it would probably get beaten up.

( @Occidental_Rome1 )
@Nature_and_Race Let these woke companies feel the burn, whilst they siphoned billions to BLM and their ultimate (((benefactors))) and shat upon Whites.

c'est la vie!

( @1_Corinthians6_9 )
@Nature_and_Race Man that's St. Niggalus! 🤣

( @SnowKidding )
@Nature_and_Race no niggers matter. none



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