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The Lavender Scare

I sometimes think of the parallels between the Lavender Scare and the modern day "trans" movement, and I wonder:

What is the difference between the government demanding I lose my job for being a homosexual and a trans activist demand I lose my job for be a "TERF" (homosexual)?

What is the difference between being called "morally weak" and a "sexual deviant" by conservatives and being called a "genital fetishist" by trans activists who constantly imply, if not outright state, that I am "morally weak"?

What's the difference between the government's tests for homosexuality and trans activists tests for "TERFs"?

What;s the difference between men pretending to be gay to get out of the draft and young people pretending to be "LGBTQ" to get out of being seen as straight or "cis"?

What's the difference between McCarthy's blacklists of "subversives" and modern trans activists blacklists of "TERFs"?

What's the difference between McCarthy era bureaucrats interrogating possible homosexual employees and trans activists interrogating possible "TERFs"?

I'd really, really like to know.

"It has also been suggested that contemporary attitudes towards LGBT people in America have been shaped by the Lavender Scare. The 'Pervert Elimination Campaign' and the criminalization of gay men existing in public spaces demonstrates how attitudes towards LGBT people during the Lavender Scare shifted towards intolerance in public spaces. Brandon Andrew Robinson has suggested that this criminalization of LGBT people in public spaces has impacted how LGBT people now exist within America. [...]"

No. It was not "LGBT". It was HOMOSEXUALS targeted by the Lavender Scare. The Lavender Scare influenced everyone's attitudes on HOMOSEXUALS, including "trans" people, who often seem to hate us MORE than regular old conservative straights.

I don't want "trans" people to think for a second that the Lavender Scare had anything to do with you. It didn't. You were among the ugly, sniveling little assholes hounding us out of our jobs and forcing us into heteronormative institutions back then, just like you are now.



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