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RE: Swedish Minister: Authorities Failed to Tackle Crime Because They ‘Didn’t Want to Be Seen as Racist’


Swedish Interior Minister Mikael Damberg has admitted that some of the country’s burgeoning gang-related problems were not properly tackled before due to the authorities’ fear of being seen as racist.

“Before, there was an anxiety to describe some problems, they did not want to be seen as racist and so on”, Damberg told the newspaper Aftonbladet.

It's almost as if 3rd world ferals, who have created 3rd world cultures in all of their 3rd world countries since the dawn of recorded history, might recreate those very same 3rd world cultures regardless of which piece of dirt they're squatting on...


(Reuben H)
So they're finally admitting to the cancer they've imported into their midst, and their proposed solution? Spread the cancer around (integration) and extort higher taxes from Native Swedes (to pay for an increased police presence).

I somewhat understand the need for de-segregation. After all, it must be inconvenient for those migrants to have to travel to other neighborhoods to find Native Swedish women and girls to rape. It's a violation of their human rights, and the government owes it to them to place victims closer to these poor men.

Not only that, but each time a migrant is forced to travel in order to rape a Native Swede, there's a carbon cost; it contributes to Climate Change. It's far more environmentally responsible to have the victims and perpetrators in close proximity.



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