Brian Matthews #fundie

When the anti Christ comes, won't he seem to be the best option, too? He's not going to be wearing a t shirt with ANTI CHRIST printed on it. He's not going to seem evil at first. It won't be obvious. It's going to require DISCERNMENT. A thing most people lack these days.

Christians aren't to act like we are desperate, fleeing to a man for salvation. We are to trust God, and do what's right, leaving the results up to Him.

Trump is pro LGBT, approved of the government's jailing of a Christian woman, and participates in pagan rituals, among other things. It's not my job as a child of God to strategize how to use rebellous politicians to save a rebellious nation. My job is to choose good, and reject the evil.

Trump supports the very wickedness that's condemning this country. That I have been fighting against for decades. I can't support such a man.



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