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[Blackpill] It's all about population control and the weakening of the family

The elites of the world have been developing plans for decades to reduce the population, especially of developed countries.

All those agendas (feminism, homosexuality, etc) are pushed mainly because of their population control potencial.

Weakening the family is a nice bonus, since it makes totalitarian state power more feasible.

Makes women bitter, resent men and marriage, focus on career and fun instead of babies.

This one is easy, one of the best ways to push population control is to push homosexuality propaganda. Also, with women ruined, many men resort to this.

Yes, even the current mainstream view on pedo/hebephilia is for population control purposes.

The elites don't care about men-on-boy pedo/hebephilia. There's a natural, organic resistance from society against it, but they do all they can to make it more acceptable (because they want to further the homosexuality agenda however they can). But this has to be done real slowly because people get outraged.

The elites abhor men-on-girl pedo/hebephilia. Why? Because just be first is legit. Just raping little girls is clearly wrong and degenerate, but taking a young virgin girl as a wife, be her an early teen, preteen or even a child (I'm for waiting to have sex in the latter case, though) , is the most potent antidote for feminism. Also, through "just be first", the girl will love and respect you way more than she would have done if she met you as her older self, already inoculated with misandric feminist ideas and jaded through lots of cocks on her orifices.

Even inceldom might be about population control. But since violent attacks began to happen, as well as men getting blackpilled about a lot of shit, the elites won't endorse us anymore like they could have done otherwise.



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