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( @Julio_Vichon )

How is gender different from chakras, souls, auras and zodiac signs? At least the zodiac is based on things that exist, like birthdays and stars. 🤔


The difference? No-one has ever masturbated to the thought that they might be a Sagittarius rather than a Scorpio.

( @TomasTorrens10 )

It’s much newer, rooted in neurosis as much as necessity and explicitly political. By comparison chakras and souls are ancient ideal objects that properly engaged with can functionally and practically deepen ones understanding of reality.

( @Littlegoblin17 )

honestly I put zodiac and genders on the same level of crazy- especially with so many zoomers taking zodiac VERY seriously and as honest truth (same with manifestation)

chakras and souls I might not believe in but jfc they somehow make more sense than the other two



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