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As a bluepilled person i guess you could be "happy" if you found your ugly girlfriend in your late 20's. You could think you're special and meant of each other and, if you're lucky and she doesn't cuck you, you could enjoy a relationship without passion and a lot of starfish sex with your unkempt girlfriend that doesn't make any efforts for you (since you're not chad and you don't give her the tingles).

Also, if said guy got cucked he would probably become blackpilled.

And what happens if you absorb the blackpill? Well, you can't go back.

What IT doesn't understand is that, aside from the facade of shitposting, we are blackpilled because we CANNOT go back even if we wanted because EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENS KEEPS SHOWING IT TO OUR THROAT.

We cannot delude ourselves into thinking that we are all equals, it's too late, especially if anything that happens proves otherwise! We know that an incel gets ghosted in the moment he shows his face (even if until that moment the woman was happy and interested), we know that chad can do anything and he will fuck because we did chadfishing at one point of our life.

Honestly i don't know what to do. The only solution i can think is cutting all ties from the internet (because the ones from society are already tied) and avoid at any costs all media that shows women with good looking guys (obiviously).

Seriously, there is no escape. You can do as much as you want, but in the moment you try to get a decent woman she will ghost you in the moment she sees your face, and you are back to square one.



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