thrash_monke & CheapCocaine #psycho #racist #sexist

RE: SuicideFuel last night I dreamt I had sex with a white girl


God that felt so good, she was about my height and had a long, light brownish hair.

Needless to say I woke up eventually and remembered I am disgusting ethnic mutt.

i hope that woman wasn`t slavic

It’s over. If you’re an ethnic in America, i’d heavily advise you to leave before the race wars commences. Ethnics need to go back for their own safety before they get skinned alive by the RWDS.

Also, my personal preference regarding women is white or hispanic women.

damn, are things that bad in burgerland?

Yeah nigga! Killing spics and nigger will be the new national sport to replace football! Fuk you Biden!

Also, feels bad about the dream, brocel.



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