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JFL Stupid-ass Onlyfans whore fails to debunk "Victim Blaming"


She tries to say that there's a double standard between foids getting "assaulted" by ugly men and foids getting "assaulted" by chad. There's no double standard. Say that to my fucking face you dumb whore, as someone who's been accused of assault by a foid because I was ugly, I know as a fact that everything this dumb fuck says is wrong.

Nobody says "he is popular within girls already, he doesnt need to harass you"
Nobody says "You are so ugly who would do that to you? Liar"
Nobody says 'Ypu are asking for it by being so attractive"

Foids are excellent at making up random ass horseshit and passing it off as true, with any evidence of their assumptions is just them being a foid. And bluepillers far and wide believe these dumb fucks, which is why it is so dangerous to be near a foid these days, especially the American ones. Foids can say you raped them and pull up shit like this when you tell them they spew lies, fuck this clown world.

A man in brazil was arrested by a false rape accusation, inside the prison he was raped for real and caught AIDS. He was released years after, but the government doesn't even want to give him proper compensation. After all this i say, fuck the "survivors", no one is guilty of rape until is proved 100%, no sympathy for these cunts wanting to destroy men's lives only for looking at them.

Whenever anyone shows examples of men being accused of false rape allegations they always deflect to shit like "oh its so rare it never happens" or "You have a double standard". Foids know exactly what they are doing and it sickens me.



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