Cambion-Hunter and Fail-Seeker #wingnut #conspiracy #pratt

Context: Cambion-Hunter coping and whining about Islamists, and the religion of Islam on his “MUSLIM IDIOTS AND MOB RULE” deviantion.

Then maybe they should have their fucking book destroyed more often. That way they can know what it feels like to have their "sacred scriptures" destroyed after how much they have done it to Jews and Christians.

Well, with how often they destroy churches, synagogues, Hindu temples, Buddhist temples, and secular houses (often containing scriptures and literature), these pious fuckheads think the whole world revolves around them and their so-called "prophet" who is written to have been a pedophilic, murderous, warmongering, enslaving, PSYCHOPATH so lots of Muslims are following his example.

And they wonder why many are tempted to burn their fucking "holy Qur'an" including Ex-Muslims.

To Jihidis and pious Muslims, it is OK when they do it. Hypocritical fascist despotic BASTARDS!



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