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I am trying not to get too political over here, but I feel the need to share this statement on all of my social media.

Proof of widespread Racism in America, BLM and ANTIFA murder over 30 Blacks in the Summer of 2020, no one is charged. One biracial good Samaritan defends himself against 3 white assailants, the assailants are hailed as hero's while the biracial Samaritan is defamed as a murderer & a "White Supremacist" (despite being half Hispanic). A Pedophile, & Wife Beater are both more valuable than 5 children, and a retired police officer who was considered a pillar of his community. just 6 deaths among many. Why? Because the former where white leftists and the latter, where just a statistic. This is the true story of Kyle Rittenhouse, this is the story the legacy media wont tell you & mainstream Tech has memory holed as hard as it can. The verdict today was Justice, there was a time in our history where a Biracial youth would have been lynched for doing what Kyle did, but today his and every American's right to self defense was upheld in a court of law. That means everyone's regardless of Race, Creed, Sex, or Sexuality.

For those who read this, understand that this was justice, and anyone who tells you otherwise is just trying to keep us running scared from Vandals, Thieves, Murderers, & Rapists.

As for Kyle, let the young man alone, he has been thru enough. This trial was a sham that never should have taken place, as the case was open and shut self defense from the word go. It was only pushed because his assailants where leftist shock troopers. He deserves to live his life, hopefully significantly richer from the defamation law suits he has every right to press against almost every legacy media outlet and personality in the states. Hopefully he can even live out his dream of working as a firefighter (which is where he got his First Aid Training from).



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