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It’s obvious that Dr Maali Ashamalla is from some foreign country, and some strange religion where gays have not been victorious in controlling the culture, and banning any sentiment disapproving of gayness from the press, the academy, the workplace, and the medical profession.

For purposes of this post, it doesn’t matter whether Dr. Ashamalla is a Muslim, a Hindu, or a member of a Christian minority in her native land, just that she hasn’t been part of the Great Reeducation of the last fifty years on this subject.

Well, that’s what you get if you import foreign professors to teach ethics, isn’t? Foreign ethics.

(I know they’re not really that foreign—Pat Buchanan, refusing to accept the Great Reeducation, has said the same thing, and many Americans agree with him. However, there’s no danger of Pat Buchanan being hired by a university.)

Perhaps the MBA department staff could be asked to sign some kind of loyalty oath saying they approve of homosexuality and love Big Brother. I don’t think that’s a good thing, but in this case it could free up some jobs to be taken by Americans.



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