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( @Nature_and_Race )
Anyone who says that blacks have a strong sense of ingroup preference is retarded.

Blacks hate each other. They literally beat and kill each other over the most trivial shit.

The only thing that makes it seem like blacks are a unified people is that they all universally hate White people. That's it. But they themselves are not a unified people in any way.

Go in for the Big Mac, stay for the beat down ✊🏿

( @thehighground )
@Nature_and_Race You seem to be confounding a few different things here, and being unnecessarily aggressive about it.

Having a strong sense of being *black* as a category is entirely different from being politically unified or liking each other, for example.

Their low impulse control and low IQ kicks in when they're with other *blacks* but if there's a White in the room you can be sure they'll beat and kill Whitey first every time.

( @YeahIStillTrade )
They vote in group more than any other race.
They will not convict their own on a jury.
They tribe up in the workplace.

They are just violent retarded animals when they are “being themselves”

( @TheBeltingBalaclava )
@Nature_and_Race I usually like what you post, but this statement is flat out wrong. Black in group preference is revealed in how they vote, the media they consume, and who they hang out with. They just operate at a much lower level than other races and their primitive instincts kick in much sooner than other races.

( @HorstWessel88 )
@Nature_and_Race The Jews keep all blacks in a position where they are at eachother and more importantly at other races neck, but never unified enough so a Malcom X or Marcus Garvey could come to power. It's a immense strategy that has so many layers it confuses the simple people so they'll never understand it.

( @DrGoyimstein )
When you see niggers....avoid them, go some where else, stay on alert !

( @ArthurFleckEDP )
@Nature_and_Race keep them as pets; outdoor pets ™



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