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( @Nature_and_Race )
Cry harder, princess.

Multi-racialism is a sin against Nature, and the destruction of any race or country that practices it.

@Nature_and_Race y’all are a real nice bunch of bigots aren’t you!! I forgot how Americans are the worst of all, it took gab to show me you are not good people!
Just because they won’t ban you, doesn’t mean it has to be said! What the fuck is wrong with you people!!

( @Nemesistyx )
@Nature_and_Race It isnt ideal to be a bigot or have a bigot against you... but bigotry is a part of the natural order. Truth is, who wants to muddy their genetics so bad? Do we all not seek someone hopefully attractive or as attractive as we can obtain in a mate?

why do we shame what is natural and true?!

( @Thegreathate )
@Nature_and_Race Day of the rake soon you fuckin leaf.

( @NickGurr88 )
@Nature_and_Race True. Even mixing of similar ethnicities should be avoided, let alone race



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