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Sex is a Biological Need

TL;DR: If you think that sex is not a biological need then you need to see a doctor or turn in your man card.

Any time you hear someone say that he does not need sex, it is either because he is coping or because he has never felt love. It is akin to saying that you do not need to have a healthy diet or wheels on a bike, and I can prove it without a single source because it is just that easy.

Think about what happens when a baby is born. What happens (in civilized countries where they do not drown, circumcise or eat it) first? Immediately, care is applied to the baby. The mother holds the infant closely and talks to him/her. The father, if he is around, gives the mother what she needs so that the baby can survive. As the baby grows, the parents shower it with love and attention. What is it called when this does not happen? Child abuse. If we do not need love, why does it negatively affect you as a person when it is not received in your early stages of development? This is a question that no bluepiller can answer without committing suicide or outright lying, more so after what I type next.

After a period of time you grow out of needing your parents to kiss you goodnight and buy you giant balloons when it is your birthday. Now, there is something else you need, namely sex. In the days of old before industrialization ruined everything, this was not that hard to obtain because you would be married off at an early age or at least be courting a foid so that you would not go ER on your tribe or community. If this is not achieved, the effects are almost invariably disastrous: ERs, as mentioned earlier, depression, coping, crime and other terrible things. Studymaxxing is completely unnatural and one of the primary reason why there are so many incels and frustrated men out there today. While you are memorizing useless facts so that you can program a better refrigerator for Chad, he is living the way his ancestors did and having plentiful sex with young women. A lot of time is spent sitting down, inactive, which is abnormal for a young man. Over time, as the copes run out and one grows up, he realizes that he wasted or is wasting his youth, something that is happening more and more to men in the West today. Do you suppose that so many young men would be dropping out of society if they had a girl at their side? No. [...]



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