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(anothergclesbian )
Talk of Homophobia absent on "LGB/T" networks.

Does anyone else notice how the so called "lgb/t" networks don't really talk about homophobia anymore? Everything is either LGBTQ- or "queer"phobia and everyone, even if it's more specifically LGB, lesbian, or gay men, are always called LGBTQ people. I was reading an article about the recent shooting at a gay nightclub in Colorado to find not a single mention of homophobia, not even an acknowledgement of sexual orientation. They made it all about trans issues and of course had to say, "oh trans women of color the most targeted group". I don't deny that gnc gay black men aren't targeted but I hate how it's used to dismiss what we face on a whole (like it's not really a problem). People in that nightclub died because the shooter hates LGB people but no, the real hate is not wanting men in women's spaces or making it illegal for people to obtain unneccessary treatments and surgeries. Who cares if gay men still get targeted on subways and streets? If lesbians worry about being attacked or r*ped and now fear being told by men we turn down 'oh I id as a woman'? Nah, not getting your way is the real problem here. 🙄

It's almost like at some points trans-IDing straights don't want to pretend they face homophobia, just "lgbtq/queerphobia", but they also don't want homophobia to be talked about - probably because they don't want THEIR homophobia to be brought up. But now they try to dip what happened on us like it's our fault for speaking out against their bullshit. It's so messed up.

( SecondSkin )
Agree with you op.

One local secondary school has an lgbt+ policy that is all about the t.

Just got my kids schools RSE policies sorted out that seemed fairly successfully but now the bullying policy reference to homophobia is all tq++++

Am pulling my hair out and sick of needing to waste energy on this bs. Which must feel much more frustrating for the lgb women and men.



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