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I come this day that ye shall be given to recognize of My pres­ence. I Am! I AM the LAW, the TRUTH, and the WORD. You need no burning bushes nor snakes into the staff--nor do you need blazing wheels in the cosmos. Hear Me clearly, chil­dren, for you who have been misled into the comers of darkness and into behaviors which have unbalanced your planet and soiled the place.
I have sent My Hosts to give Truth unto you of the planet Earth (Shan) and I have sent the WORD and until the ending of the cycle so shall it be thus. You have no way to know of the "time" which might be given unto you to find your way into the lighted path of Godly behavior and Truth.
I have watched and waited as you have taken Truth and turned it into lies. I have watched as those of the evil adversary have la­beled themselves as MY CHOSEN PEOPLE and called them­selves "Jews" which never was of Me nor of My people. My children of Judea were blessed and, when you failed, the pun­ishment was great for you lost your relationship with the Christed beings sent to set you to right direction as you turned Him and those who were sent with Him away--as you clung unto the adversary of My lighted teachers.
How can you believe and accept one thing from Hatonn and dis­card that very portion which allows your immortal soul transi­tion into the glorious realms of higher dimension? Is the infer­ence, somehow, that if you have experienced the things which are against the Laws of God and The Creation that you are doomed and lost forever? Do not be foolish--all done in IGNO­RANCE is instantly forgiven as TRUTH IS NOTED AND FOLLOWED. As in the "homosexual" participant in any rela­tionship--you turn from the placement of your parts of procre­ation or that which was purposed for speech into the places of fecal expulsion. Is that so very difficult to attain in truth? Is that act a true expression of your caring LOVE of another be­ing?



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