BettERtoreigninhell #dunning-kruger #crackpot

The blackpill is the outer core of an even more sinister pill

The static eternity pill. You go out and walk processing your cute toughts and moving fast your tiny legs surrounded by all the other small thinking animals moving their limbs, talkjng, making gestures and working and going to places and all those things that give you the perception everything is moving, all it's happening now.

It's real bro. It's the present bro. Here and now! Hier under Jetz! maybe there's even too much movement and you become nauseous at the thought of heart itself moving and spinning around a star that also moves and spins omg it's all so moving frenzy. Everything changes even too fast! Let's dance cum on!

But... But...

On a planet "only" 300 light years away from earth a balding Indian scientist (yes they have India too). Invented a telescope capable of looking at a distance of even 300 light years away capable of showing every tiny detail, yes even your wrists. And he observes YOU. You immersed in that so vibrant lively ever-changing reality. You being so confused at how things are constantly evolving into into things.

But the scientist know that what he's seeing is not real. Not anymore at least. He us looking at something that happened 300 years ago. Everyone he is observing and their grand grand children are skeletons. He is watching the REAL walking dead. All those vibrant crap around you and yourself are clearly still moving on the telescope. The movement us real, not an illusion and what's the Indian scientist is observing is 100% reality.

And at the same time it doesn't exist. To him you are as real as Napoleon. But to Napoleon everything around him us pretty real too? Who the heck is right? You, Napoleon (not the geso) or the scientist?

Or maybe another even more evolved scientist having invented a telescope that can scan reality as far as 300 MILLIONS years ago. That puts into play the balding Indian herbivore dinosaur for whom the prehistoric age is even too real and he better watches out cause that Chadrannosaurus Rec is moving towards him and FAST. Run little pajeetosaurus run!

And these scientists don't stop evolving and every scientist invent telescopes that look at other scientists who are now skeletons in an endlessness of skeletons observing skeletons. All very real but ultimately all very dead, buried, STATIC.




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