Nick Fuentes #racist #psycho

Nick Fuentes warned his audience that Haitian refugees will be brought to the U.S. to “kill you” and “eat your kids”[…]
Fuentes read aloud from a Newsweek article which stated that, according to a Florida Border Force memo, “the chaos in Haiti would prevent the repatriation of migrants to the country”[…]
“So the Coast Guard’ll pick ’em up off the coast of Haiti and escort them into the United States where they will never be deported”

Fuentes claimed that Haiti is “filled with warlords, cannibals, violent gang members, people that eat mud,” and that if they arrive in the U.S. they will “eat your kids” and “kill you.” He explained that when the Haitians “overthrew the French colonial government” over 200 years ago, they “killed every white person on the island for being white”

“So why should we not nuke Haiti?” he asked. “Gimme one good reason why we should not drop a nuclear bomb on Haiti”[…]
“We’re not Jews. We’re not Haitians. We’re not barbarians. We’re not animals. So we don’t slaughter entire races or groups of people on the basis of perceived wrongdoing. So I’m not in favor of that. I wouldn’t do that. But they would. But Jews would. And Arabs would. And Haitians would. And Congolese would. And any number of other races would”[…]
“I say we need to create a containment zone around Haiti,” he declared. “We should just send our cruisers and we should send our boats. And if anyone tries to leave Haiti, they should be killed”

“Why should the world have to suffer?” Fuentes asked. “They revolted. They killed their masters. Okay, now you figure it out. They killed all the white people. They don’t want a white savior! They don’t want to be whitesplained to. They don’t want our white, neocolonial institutions. Okay. Then you figure it out”

“Why don’t we put a blockade around Haiti and every ship that tries to leave to bring their gangsters to America, how ’bout we just shoot it and send it to the bottom of the ocean?”



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