Sasha Lessin(U.C.L.A. Anthropology, Ph.D.) & Janet Kira Lessin #crackpot #ufo #conspiracy

The Anunnaki tapped, broadcast and stored electricity and atomic power. They employed advanced computing devices. For building, they moved huge stones with sonar devices. They cut the stones with advanced machines that left drill and saw cuts. They also liquefied stone, molded it, then resolidified it and formed huge blocks. They interlocked stones and in some places, they interlocked stone blocks with metal staples they pored through holes between the stones to keep them interlocked through earthquakes. The Anunnaki employed fighters, bombers, and weapons of mass destruction.
400,000 BCE the master computers and command modules that controlled space and Earth communication sat in Enlil’s place at Nippur in southern Iraq. In 380,000 BCE, Marsbase Commander Anzu stole crystals [computers] and MEs [portable command modules] from Expedition Commander Enlil.
Sumerian, Canaanite and Egyptian art, nuclear residues and the enuma elish all show that the Anunnaki collected, amplified and directed energy. They directed the energy as electricity where they chose.
Dunn sampled the salt-lined Queen’s Chamber and found traces of hydrochloric acid and zinc. The zinc ran down a channel, the Northern Shaft; the dilute hydrochloric acid, down the Southern Shaft. The reaction freed hydrogen gas. The gas rose inside the pyramid.

The hydrogen gas, lighter than air, streamed through all the pyramid’s upper chambers. It went from the Queen’s to the King’s Chamber. Vibrations of the Earth and underground pool made the hydrogen atoms into a microwave energy beam. The beam rose and sent the entire capacitated microwave through 27 vertical amplifying devices (“crystals”) and out of and beyond the upper pyramid to receiving monoliths and areal craft.



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