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spoilerJunk food and fast-food kills 11
million people every year
Smoking kills 7 million
people every year
Alcohol kills 3 million
people every year
Narcotics kill 11 million people
every year
73 million abortions
every year
Monkey Pox - 5 deaths = WORLD

@Teich fact... Monkeypox is a sexually transmitted disease among homosexuals. If anyone says they got it any other way they are lying...


spoilerEver wonder how one little dog controls
so many much larger, and stronger sheep?

@Teich Monkeypox is an emergency because of Jew Faggot assrape. The anti-Semitic virus.

@Teich And the same people will be lifting their sleeves for jabs...

@her4bert @Teich
Let 'em have it. Natural selection will take those idiots out.


@Teich To be fair, a large percentage of the communist pedophiles running our government are gay, unhealthy, and "at risk."

They have no connection to the real world.

Do you hate government yet?

@William_Jaeger @Teich that's good their all gay and unhealthy, maybe they'll catch 🦍pox and die.



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