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As Non-Citizens Vote, What Is The Point Of Citizenship?

However, if you look deeper, some truly fundamental changes to the way America is supposed to work are underway. Perhaps the greatest of these is the declining value of citizenship. The term "second-class citizenship" gets tossed around very often in this country, sometimes by illegals, who aren't (and shouldn't be) citizens at all. What really seems to be developing is a new caste system where being an American citizen who is not eligible for affirmative action puts you at the bottom of the ladder.

In America's most important city, soon, you won't even have to be a citizen in order to vote.

These are "lawful" residents, but they still aren't American. The very fact that this is being broached suggests that America as a meaningful nation-state is already dead.

One might expect the Democrats to push for this at the state and even national level. Again, the issue is not about saving America as a nation-state, because America is not a nation-state. We're already in a post-national period. Those who want to defend America the most are those the System is most hostile against.

There comes a point, and we're almost there, where being a citizen is worse than being an illegal immigrant.



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