Robert Kelly #racist #sexist

RE: Barrett ‘Wept’ with Her Daughter After George Floyd Death


Nice pets.

When the black boy gets bigger and stronger in the coming years, they shouldn't leave him alone with his white "sisters". If he has a "sexual emergency" and there is a white female nearby who he can easily overpower, it's a rape waiting to happen.

That's not to mention the other violence he may wrought. And the criminal activity outside the home he may get into. Amy Barrett may be seeing the inside of court rooms all right. But not as a Supreme Court justice but as the mother of the defendant.

And if none of Amy's three girls are around when the grown negro gets the urge, Amy might then be in his sights. They have a remarkable tendency to rape old white women.

From an evolutionary standpoint, it's understandable how one would rape a young, fertile woman. But is there any explanation for why one would rape a woman well past child bearing years?



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