various commenters #transphobia


( fightlikeagirl )
That's the same guy that posted yesterday about how he lies to men for sex, claiming to be female when he's post-op TIM. Sorry not sorry if women don't empathize with a rapist.

( UncomfortablElla )
Also he has a post where he talks about having spoken to several lawyers to make sure that sleeping with someone (having lied and tricked them into thinking you're a woman) is technically not rape. Very scary to obsess like that over the technical definitions of consent to make sure you can get away with as much as possible while violating someone else

( RusticTroglodyte )
No shit. I'll never understand what it's like to be a pornsick man with a severe sex fetish.

Any other late breaking news, dumbass?

( crispycherrypie )
Just replace "trans woman" with "men" and you have typical MRA talking points.

I wonder why that could be!

( Women1st )
Ok- what is your point? I don’t give a shit about your experience. Why you ask? Because you have degraded womanhood by claiming it. You have invaded our spaces, which shows you don’t get it. You have stolen our awards, titles, and accomplishments.

I am living my best life. I am containing cocks. As a matter of fuck, sorry, fact, I am about to copulate with a married man in 1 hour. I am getting ready

This right here is the pervert’s idea of womanhood. This is the complete degradation of womanhood.



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