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PROOF 20th-Century European Imperialism BENEFITED Africa (No More White Guilt)

It's often told to students to promote white guilt that "evil european imperialism" was the result of all the world's ills, or something to that extent. Let's look at how those countries fared over the following decades, by looking at their GDP in 1950.

South Africa, had a GDP per capita of more than double any other developed country in Africa, $2.251 trillion.

Meanwhile, out of the developed countries, the GDP of Ethiopia was dead last, significantly below every other formerly "occupied" nation, at $227 billion in 1950. By 1973, it was still only $400 billion, still dead last by far.

As far as Liberia, it is one of the most crime-ridden and dangerous countries in the world even today, not to mention impoverished. In case you are curious, Liberia is the former slave colony, where freed slaves from America were sent.

Everywhere Europeans expanded, they raised the income and quality of life in the host nation.

Worse, since it is evident from the data that western imperialism raised the standard of life, then the Jewish idealism that demonizes imperialization / colonization actually LOWERED the standard of living in poor countries dramatically, by denying them the benefits of western civilization.

Potentially hundreds of millions of people have died, then, of starvation and conflict in Africa and other poor countries, because Europeans pulled out of those countries after colonization was demonized and abolished.

Yet, even in the aftermath of the withdrawal of Europeans, the countries formerly colonized by Europeans still enjoy a dramatic benefit over those countries that were never colonized by Europeans.



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