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Why do men keep on having mental breakdowns over their version of the blackpill while women are apathetic to ours?

Ours is doomier and theres a lot to talk about, like, a lot to talk about in terms of general society and the world. Its like reaching enlightenment. Everything makes sense after blackpill feminism. Why does capitalism happen? Men. Wars? Men. Why do I have to wage-cuck my soul away? Men. What happens when we dont wage-cuck? Men. Since wage-cucking leads to climatic genocide, why do we wage-cuck? Men. Why am I depressed all the time? Men. Why am I in this planet? A man spawned me. I am a product of a mans seed. Fucking hell

Incel blackpill is such a boring ideology it makes me want to kill them for being retarded to something so obvious. Like... water. Shut the fuck up. Even the race theories men fucking love with their whole hearts are somewhat interesting though the moment you start to treat various type of caucasoids as different races altogether your ideology just sorta fucking dies at the gates lol.

And yet... men have a stronger reaction to their blackpill than women do for our blackpill. Both are technically just "water is wet" tier but men have mental breakdowns and go on shooting sprees at the thought of women possessing eyes. Shooting sprees, suicidal thoughts, creating incel forums... is male lust really that much of a problem for men?

Like... you should have known your place from the beginning. El em ay oh. You should have always known this. The bigger blackpill is the realization that you didnt know this. The actual blackpill is the fact that men were not aware that they were supposed to be good-looking, and that the female dating pool is filled with people that cant even get the basics of attraction right. Thats insane. Thats fucking crazy. Thats how little we are as women. Men cant even do the basics for us.

The male blackpill is so remedible too. Get plastic surgery, you egotistical smegshit. Thats it. How the fuck are women supposed to plastic surgery men into becoming better people for the benefit of humanity?



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