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No area of society has remained untouched by corruption and it has been that way for some time. Following President Kennedy’s assassination in 1963, a great team of Lightworkers consisting of Army Generals and others got together with a plan to end this and restore light on Earth. That plan was put into full play when they recruited a man who was willing to expose the corruption. He became the 45th President. From that point, changes were set in motion to change the world by exposing the deep state plans for the suppression of humanity and to start to create an entirely new way to live based in integrity and truth.

The black hats threw everything possible into a continual media onslaught over 4 years to try and blacken that president’s name, desperate to stop the big exposure they could see coming. Regardless of their dark efforts, nothing was big enough to stop the momentum and the divine destiny of Earth.
The pressure is increasing and while this may appear to be a bad thing, when viewed in a different way, we can clearly see it is helping to wake millions as it invades more and more lives. It has not been easy for much of humanity to wake up. Dumbed down consciousness through most of their life, from massive chemicals, drugs, fluoridated water, EMF’s, the onslaught of programmed school and university education and ongoing negative media propaganda doing all it can to avoid positive news and make humanity appear to be bad, racist, murderers and thieves. But slowly, people are waking by the millions every day. They are realizing they are living in a world of control and suppression of freedom.
To sum it up, we are winning completely. Basically, we have already won. The light force is now in control. We only now require the rest of the world to wake up to release dense energy as they step into their power. We can view all events on Earth as having that intention. All alien interference is completely gone, not only from Earth but from the galaxy.



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