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(Polish Anon 1)

Shooting competition named after Kyle Rittenhouse


Mad lads from polish political party Konfederacja organised it in Szczecin, Poland. Leftoids seethe at polish plebbit.

I hate that fucking civnat spic, but have to admit you didn't miss a shot.

I`m glad he got declared not guilty, but i`m not sure about that, you know? It might be trolling, or they might idolise him unironically

It's for the lulz, own the libs kinda stuff.

Mass shootings are healthy, it's like an immune reaction to cancer.

(Polish Anon 2)
Lmao kinda based
Anything that pushes the idea of owning, carrying and using guns for self-defense by ordinary citizens makes me happy.
Leftards can seethe all they want, IDGAF

(Polish Anon 3)
I like neither the polish commie-“right”, nor the judeo-right, but this is just hysterical.

>country with zero mass shootings
>even criminals barely have guns
>let's have more guns
what could go wrong

kys communist scum
your fag parades have proven reform to be ineffective too many times

I think you guys keeping Stetting after WW2 was the right choice afterall

It would end up as a fag factory anyway.

(Confederacy Anon)
It's not the guns.
You could go coast the coast in America, giving an AR-15 and a case of ammunition to every White man in the land.
236+ million of them and crime would barely bump.
The violent crime rate among White Americans is close to that of Belgium, despite near unlimited access to guns in many places.
As long as Poland doesn't have a nigger problem, you won't have a gun problem.

(UK Anon)
In the future christcucks will have Saint George (Floyd), a martyr for the white man's sins
And ecofash paganites will have Saint Kyle, God of War
Gonna be lit senpai



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