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I do not think this is fair. I know factually that white people who live amongst themselves are among the most carefree happiest whites in society. Never worrying about crime, diversity, or other ills of society really breeds the most content people and I will not for a second forget that. I live in one of the top 10 whitest cities in America and that's why I fight for whites with all that I have. None of your kind should have to deal with integration because other races can't behave appropriately as you all are truly great people, especially when surrounded by yourselves.

When I hear other middle and upper class whites spouting white guilt BS, I tell them "Ok, if you really feel bad, move to a black neighborhood then instead of living here. Give your job to a Hispanic since you claim they work harder than whites. Hand over your wealth to them. Give your house to a local Native American tribe if you feel we are on stolen land." Often they are speechless when I say this. I am getting really REALLY tired of this self-degrading virtue signaling BS from these soft whites.

Most black people don't realise how good they have it in the U.S, and how well their treated. They would soon find out if they moved to Japan, China, India or an Arab country. So it shows how ignorant and ungrateful a lot of black people are.

Even some black conservatives say once nonwhites are a majority, the goodies and nice comfortable life that post 1960s whites have given them is over. One said, "Post 1960s White America is the best friend of blacks. No other people would have given us jobs, money, free stuff and not held us accountable when we mess up."



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