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The commie pedocrats or whatever they're called in whatever country, have pushed so fast so hard with such depraved batshit insanity, they're getting slaughtered in whatever elections they don't rig enough or have dumb local populations brainwashed and throwing fits enough. November will be hilariously glorious in the US as long as some horrible disaster doesn't happen. Funny how puppet Biden has been every bit the dictator they said Trump would be. I wouldn't be surprised if something really screwed up happens (probably planned by those controlling Biden) and Biden declares martial law. I hope that doesn't happen, but I won't be surprised if it does.

Oh and about the whole Great RESET shit. The commie useful idiots who are unable to learn from history (because they want to erase it) probably think it means equality for everyone. At least they're the least likely to survive LOL!



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