glogirl #wingnut

[In response to representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez decrying president Trump for threatening further military action against Iran after the US airstrike that killed an Iranian general]

This woman-child is going to have to face up to her responsibilities and decide once and for all what side she's on (she actually has already). She's either for the U.S. or not. And if not, then she is a traitor and must be prepared to face the consequences of that decision. She cannot continue as a U.S. congresswoman, representing the interests of the United States. She has pledged to the defend THIS COUNTRY against its enemies, yet time and time again she had demonstrated that she sees these other countries not as our enemies but as the victims. They are not. They attack us. They shout, "Death to America." They lie about their objectives. And all the while they expect us to continue providing aid to them. No more. And when they kill Americans and we defend ourselves they get angry and retaliate. This is the behavior of sociopaths. Enough is enough.



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