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( @Nature_and_Race )
The sole reason White Americans don't hunt down the non-whites who rape and murder their children is because we're terrified of our government.

We are seriously all terrified of what our government will do to us if we take matters into our own hands. This is because our government employs literal terrorism to keep us in submission.

It's the same reason the Russian people willingly endured Bolshevism for nearly a hundred years. Government terrorism is incredibly powerful, and it should always be destroyed before it manages to truly takeover.

( @SpatialRecognition )
@Nature_and_Race They also use the media to make you believe that your thinking is not in line with other White people. It’s a losing situation right now.

( @Mariner14 )
@Nature_and_Race this is why there will never be a political solution. We are occupied, our elections are farces, and the majority of the White folk are asleep. To try and solve this solution with mass political appeal is retarded. We are occupied. It's high time we actually did something about it. Every time I suggest this, the "fedposter" claim comes a-knocking. The most successful tactic the jew ever used against us was convincing us that fighting back would never work, and that anyone who suggests otherwise is a fed.

The internet is a great place for us to spread our ideas, shape online discourse, and perhaps wake up some internet normies. Political activism is similar, but instead with IRL interactions. However, neither of these things will get us victory. These are just posturing tactics we are taking before fighting. Anyone who thinks we are going to somehow get through this without a very one-sided race war is a damned idiot. White men need to think practically, and stop being cowards. Not one more generation can go past without this war. It should have happened long before I was born, but damned cowards seemed to have won the ideological debate.

( @Europman )
@Nature_and_Race its why they made lynching a crime

( @compeliminator )
@Nature_and_Race you would think a father who had his kids killed by a nigger wouldn't give a second thought to what would happen to him. You would think he would administer immediate justice



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