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The WAR to control Middle Eastern Oil is happening. They are using a high grade Tectonic Weapon for several reasons.

The STAGING/ FALSE FLAG CATACLYSMIC EARTHQUAKE by use of High Grade military Tectonic Weapons for [DS] U.S. interest in oil from the Middle East to Eastern Europe and Northern Europe begins with a catastrophe in Turkey and Syria.

This is only the beginning as the DEEP STATE wants pipe lines through SYRIA and plan to create a huge WAR in the region.
ROTHSCHILDs controlling the [DS] Military OPERATIONS that created the EARTHQUAKE in TURKEY was a HUGE WARNING for TURKEY who is planning to leave NATO and join BRICS.

ROTHSCHILDs just sent a huge message to TURKEY! Rothschilds also created the same event in Fukushima Japan for control of their GDP and had other plans for Mass migration PROJECTS in Japan. Due to the help of SEVERAL White Hats including Dragon Families China, Italian ELITES and Bin Salman family stepping in with military backing, the ROTHSCHILDs withheld their plan to destroy Japan.
Massive Earthquake Wars was what the Cabal wanted in order to use Alien technology.

This False Flag Event has been in the works for a long time, just like the Plandemic and major wars the Rothschilds, Vatican Jesuits created.

They wanted a new religion to be born after a new TECHNOLOGY was found after Earthquakes. The NEWS would be worldwide and later connected to new LAWS and suppression of information shared at the highest levels for security clearance.

There were many reasons the DEEP STATE wanted to use the alien agenda to bring the world under their control – create deaths, scare humans.

That’s why the VATICAN has been pushing the Alien Agenda with Israel, the CIA and Pentagon.
The real truth is that there was Extraterrestrial Life – but the first disclosure of that by the Rockefellers, CIA, Pentagon Regime was a false one.

It’s not Climate Change, it’s DARPA.



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