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Daily reminder,

If "White supremacy" actually existed, you wouldn't be allowed to question or criticize it.

But look around you, "White supremacy", and White people in general, are attacked on at every level of society - in schools and universities, in movies and TV shows, all across the spectrum of social media, in the military, in government, and in the job market.

@Nature_and_Race Indeed. Questioning "jewish supremacy" is another matter. Unless you are anonymous, you will be cancelled and have your bank account shut-down immediately.

@Nature_and_Race I instinctively understand my family and I are orders of magnitude safer in a "racist" society. my feelings on non whites don't factor in. statement of fact. as a matter of survival and being able to thrive, I prefer a "racist" society, it is safer for ALL ethnicities. the overabundance created in a free white society would inevitably overflow to non-white communities.

@Nature_and_Race There’s either White supremacy, White inferiority or human equality. It was never a reference to institutional power, but nonwhite fears of biological reality and amassing the numbers needed to crush it.

@Nature_and_Race we all know what group you can't attack, they have gaurd dogs to atack you with lies called the ADL and they have two names for you, antisemite and goyim

@Nature_and_Race Its just a matter of understanding what their terms mean. 'White supremacy' and 'white privilege' mean living in a society created by white people for white people in a majority white country. 'White supremacy' is a demographic white majority. 'White privilege' is what immigrants get when they come here without being us. In other words we open our arms, our wallets, our cultures to them and in return they are trying to replace us, despite the fact that they have their own countries. None of this could happen without Jewish supremacy and Jewish privilege which is a form of neo colonialism. WE must smash Jewish power.

White supremacy does exist as a biological fact.
White supremacy does NOT exist as an institutional social construct.



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