ArmedFemme #transphobia

What it feels like talking to a TRA


spoilerPerson in front of the progress pride flag: “Republicans are wrecking human rights because they're not giving children sex damaging sterilizing hormones but not to mention that grown males are female if they get off to the idea of it and if you don't date them you're transphobic, let them in sports even if it makes real females uncomfortable because that’s #FEMINISM everything you said can be perceived as transphobic ageist ableist sexist homophobic or whatever else I come up with in the moment to discredit you without actually using an argument against you, hey by the way you have to go by queer now since it's inclusive and I don't care if it used to be a slur, grow up and deal with it, but also saying transsexuals and homosexual is literal violence and you need to ask for somebody's gender or assume it as they/them because that's inclusive, make every medical label in existence general even if it only affects males or females because they might not identify with their biology even if 99.5% of the rest do because the last thing you would want to do is trigger them.”
Person in front of the Labrys pride flag remains silent



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