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( @GSauce111 )
As per usual, it’s “antisemitic” and “hate,” but they never try to refute it

spoilerJewish students at the U. of Tennessee
Chattanooga (@UTChattanooga) woke up
today to find these vile antisemitic flyers
posted on campus
This is the EXACT hateful rhetoric that
Kyrie Irving help spread when promoting
the film "Hebrew to Negros: Wake Up
Black America"
At the height of
American slavery,
78% of slave owners
were ethnic jcws
40% of the jewish population
were slave owners,
while only 0.35% of white Americans
owned slaves

( @RockyBasterd )
@GSauce111 They never call us "liars", only call us "anti-semites"...
What does that tell you?

( @Honkiavelli )
@GSauce111 just wait until they find out how much the Sephardic jews were invested in the Barbary slave trade. They ran the sales and ransom demands from Algiers and Livorno Italy. They owned the means of transportation, the markets, the inventory and banking/exchange behind this industry. Then they tried to put it all on the Muslims and blame them.... The more one knows...

( @jbwilson24 )
@Honkiavelli @GSauce111 indeed. There are statues up to honor Sephardic slave traders in west Africa. Crickets from the mainstream Jewish press about all of this.

( @WilliamKoenig )
@GSauce111 Kanye seems to think "antisemitic" means "nigger", but most of the time what it means is "noticing an inconvenient truth".

( @Peepsight )
@GSauce111 Just wait till everybody understands Holocaust deaths are highly exaggerated

( @GSauce111 )
@Peepsight “Exaggerated” is being more generous than I would be😬

( @Plastic_Banana )
"Vile" to point out Jewish involvement in black slavery but not "vile" to constantly blame whites for slavery.

How did we get to a point of such double standards? And how do we stop the double standards?

( @CaptainMagenta )
@GSauce111 If the statistic is true how is it in any conceivable way racist? The Jew liars are being found out.

( @3Westies )
@GSauce111 Funny thing is most jews in the U.S. aren’t semitic; they’re ashkenazics descended from the sadistic, thieving, bloodthirsty khazarians. (((They))) would rather have you believe (((they’re))) semites.



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