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Michael Flynn Claims COVID Invented to Steal 2020 Election

Disgraced former general Michael Flynn has falsely claimed COVID was invented by a globalist cabal in order to steal the 2020 election from Donald Trump.

The ex-adviser to former President Trump made the unfounded assertion during an interview with conspiracy theorist and Infowars host Alex Jones shared on its website on Saturday.

In a lengthy rant, Flynn claimed that Geroge Soros, Bill Gates, the World Health Organization and the United Nations among others, had somehow invented COVID in a bid to rule the world.

He said: "They see themselves as 'this is how we can rule the world, this is how we can control societies, this is how we can control humanity.'

"So, let's introduce something called COVID, and they did it, and they did it for a couple of reasons. One of the big reasons was to steal an election.

"I mean, if the Democrats, you know, work this hard on foreign policy as they work on stealing the elections maybe we would be better off."

Flynn later continued: "There are real people behind it, I mean [Klaus] Schwab is one, George Soros, you have the Arabella Group, these are real things, led by real people who have placed themselves above, you know [Bill] Gates is another one, who have placed themselves above some of these world institutions and they drive them, they really do drive them."


Flynn has also promoted the conspiracy theory the 2020 Presidential Election was somehow stolen from Trump and last year suggested a Myanmar-like military coup "should happen" in the U.S. ...



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