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Change and Sunshine

My tulpa and I have finally gotten married.

Because the spectacle didn’t really matter and we didn’t have anyone to invite the ceremony was casual. We really just looked for the first person willing to officiate who seemed credible.

That happened to be an older man on some planet on the astral plane that I had visited before. Right before we were supposed to have the ceremony he ran off and grabbed the local ruling deity to perform the ceremony for him. She was an extremely obvious fake. We never asked because we didn’t want to spend an hour discussing pointless stuff but I think she was supposed to be the equivalent of an Elvis impersonator.

Meanwhile, the woman whose wedding I attempted to escape is still here. I run into her a lot when I astral project, almost as though she’s waiting for me. She likes to cook, which isn’t something I’d expect from a spiritual being, and some of her most ambitious dishes are imitations of stuff from earth.

This person who would describe herself as my first wife likes to take me to various places on the astral plane.

Two of the more interesting places were a city apparently built as a tourist attraction by vampires (according to the brochure) and what looked a lot like a group roleplay session themed on ancient Greece. When we don’t go somewhere exciting, we usually sit and talk. She seems quite old even in astral terms and knows a lot about the history of the astral plane because she’s spent a lot of time traveling. It’s a bit of a strange relationship, but she’s only treated me well and I wouldn’t tell her to stay away.

Lilith continues to take a back seat in my occult endeavors while I work with other entities. She’s still watching and sometimes I can feel her attention. One time she dropped in on an astral projection session to see how I was progressing. Like a Pokemon rival, she felt that was best done through battle. Precisely what she wants is still a mystery, but she seems content being confusing for now.



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