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In the Lord of the Rings trilogy, there is a scene in which the king of Rohan, King Theoden, is under a spell by his chief advisor, Grima, a wizard. Fortunately, Gandalf (the Good) comes on the scene and breaks the evil spell over King Theoden, and he comes to his senses. While under the spell of Grima, his chief advisor, the kingdom of Rohan starts to fall apart at the seams; everything is going in the wrong direction. When the rightful King Theoden comes to his senses, he puts everything back into order again. Perhaps we may be blessed to see this situation reenacted when the rightful president returns to power in our land.

When I look at what is happening to America, I see the unrighteous Biden administration having stolen an election and placed an elderly man with dementia in the highest position of power, "on the throne" so to speak. The evil principality Baal (a word which means owner), one who wants to control, is exercising "control" over the citizens of America, the land of the free and the home of the brave. Why are "We the People" willing to let go of our freedom in exchange for safety and security?
My thoughts move to the war over our minds. It has struck me repeatedly that the policy decisions being made at the highest levels of our government (in all three branches of our government: executive, legislative and judicial) are not stupid decisions made by ignorant people but rather conscious, intentional decisions made by evil people. Political leaders who have covenanted with evil now run our democratic republic, causing us to no longer function like a democratic republic operated for the benefit of the people. Rather we are rapidly moving to a totalitarian state run by a group of elitists who believe they know what is better for us, the citizenry. We the People have been functioning in a stupor, a cloud as it were, as if under a spell of some demonic kind.



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