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Brighteon Broadcast News, June 19, 2024 – RE-EDUCATION CAMPS being constructed across the country to detain AMERICANS

- FEMA camps and government weaponization. (7:53)

- Whistleblower's allegations of child mutilation cover-up in a Texas hospital.

- Kansas AG sues #Pfizer over alleged fraud and #censorship collusion. (20:46)

- Holding pharmaceutical companies accountable for vaccine injuries and deaths. (25:58)

- Re-education camps for conservatives in the US. (30:49)

- USDA's alleged plans to exterminate cattle and farming communities as a food sabotage operation. (43:07)

- Mind control, fifth generation warfare, and technology manipulation. (56:33)

- Globalist agenda to control the population through technocracy. (1:07:59)

- Targeted individuals and mind control technology. (1:14:05)

- Manipulation of public opinion through media narratives and censorship. (1:22:37)

- 5G technology as a potential weapon system and the need for awareness and action to protect society. (1:38:34)

- AI, nanotechnology, and their potential dangers. (1:43:25)



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