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Brighteon Broadcast News, May 23, 2024 – A new Golden Age era of WEALTH and ABUNDANCE is about to commence for non-western nations

- The challenges of verifying reality in a world of virtual and artificial information. (4:57)

- Ivan Raiklin's deep state target list and legal action. (10:33)

- Promises of mass arrests of deep state officials. (19:07)

- US Empire's criminality and coming collapse. (25:33)

- The impending collapse of the US #dollar and the rise of the #BRICS currency system. (49:26)

- Economic collapse and how to prepare for it by transitioning assets to #gold, #silver, and #crypto (55:27)

- EPA dictates and emissions regulations in agriculture. (1:07:12)

- US-Ukraine conflict escalation and potential WW3. (1:18:14)

- Potential global conflict and historical narratives. (1:23:43)

- Using organic soil products to grow food. (1:29:30)

- Hitler's alleged Zionist and communist ties. (1:37:29)

- Neoconservatism, Zionism, and plans for global conflict. (2:01:13)

- Jewish and Christian beliefs, with a focus on prophecy and end times. (2:13:39)

- Zionism, Christian Zionism, and the Rapture. (2:20:45)

Mike Adams the Health Ranger #wingnut #racist #conspiracy #mammon brighteon.com

Shocking truth about open borders HUMAN TRAFFICKING revealed - An interview with Miguel Casas

- Firearms training, Filipino martial arts, and the importance of faith. (0:01)-

- Immigration and asylum at the US-Mexico border. (35:17)

- Immigration, border control, and human trafficking. (40:35)

- Dreams and visions related to sheep, wolves, and the end times. (44:25)

- Potential threats to the US, including foreign invaders and domestic terrorism. (51:24)

- Child trafficking and how to identify and stop it. (1:01:07)

- Firearms safety and education. (1:04:11)

- Firearms training and knife craftsmanship. (1:07:46)

- Cannibalism and eating humans, with some cultural and historical context. (1:12:48)

- Firearms training, safety, and fun. (1:15:13)

- Gold-backed currency and its benefits. (1:21:16)

Mike Adams the Health Ranger #wingnut #racist #quack #conspiracy brighteon.com

Brighteon Broadcast News, May 8, 2024 – Trump would deploy U.S. Special Forces troops in MEXICO and issue “kill lists” of cartel leaders

- Alternative cancer treatments and the use of a new AI language model. (0:03)

- UK Border Force glitch shuts down airport entry. (2:44)

- Boeing's faked aircraft inspections

- Israeli intelligence infiltration on US campuses. (7:45)

- US senators threatening #ICC judges over #Netanyahu arrest warrant. (13:22)

- Zionism's control over US government and media. (20:31)

- Russian company acquiring assets of German chemical company BASF. (32:34)

- Israel's actions contradicting US Constitution and Bill of Rights. (40:42)

- Conservatives' shift towards #Zionism and its impact on freedom of speech. (46:44)

- Sustainable living, homesteading, and community building. (1:21:22)

- Integrating technology and indigenous knowledge for a sustainable future. (1:28:50)

- #Bitcoin and central banks' influence, self-custody importance. (1:38:23)

- Buying land and preparing for an uncertain future. (1:41:33)

- #Permaculture and regenerative agriculture as alternatives to conventional farming methods. (1:57:05)

- #Freedom, #censorship, and spirituality. (2:11:44)

- Building alternative systems for political autonomy, peace, prosperity, and self-sufficiency. (2:18:01)

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Brighteon Broadcast News, Apr 5, 2024 – Mike Adams announces first distribution of “Neo” Large Language Model trained on food, nutrition and agriculture

- Israeli-Iranian conflict. (0:00)

- Releasing an experimental language model "Neo" LLM. (4:00)

- Fake bird flu pandemic and food supply manipulation. (28:24)

- Israeli attacks on aid convoy and Palestinian land. (39:48)

- US-Israel relations and potential actions to address conflicts. (47:36)

- Solar eclipses, demons, and language models. (56:50)

- AI models for #nutrition, health, and #censorship resistance. (1:04:19)

- Virology fraud, engineered #famine, and geopolitical tensions. (1:31:28)

- Immigration and border control in #Texas. (1:37:10)

- Solar eclipses, weather control, and globalist agendas. (1:42:29)

- #Vaccines, #depopulation, and solar eclipses. (1:53:05)

- Demonic anti-Christ statue at Vatican and evil forces. (1:57:45)

Mike Adams the Health Ranger #quack #wingnut #fundie #conspiracy brighteon.com

Brighteon Broadcast News, Mar 25, 2025 – The dark ECLIPSE casting a shadow across human civilization will be VANQUISHED by the eternal LIGHT of our CREATOR

- The symbolism of an #eclipse and its relation to global events. (0:03)

- Spirituality, illusions, and obedience to God. (3:28)

- #Faith, purpose, and serving as an example. (9:18)

- Surviving a post-apocalyptic world and rebuilding society. (14:08)

- Sulforaphane: Broccoli's anti-clotting properties and natural medicine. (18:46)

- Cancer diagnosis and medical sacrifice in the royal family. (26:13)

- Cancer treatment poisons and Big Pharma's sorcery. (30:12)

- Choosing between God and Satan in medical decisions. (35:28)

- Purpose, morality, and AI technology. (39:47)

- Building tools for knowledge and self-reliance. (45:30)

Mike Adams the Health Ranger/Dr. Alphonzo Monzo #quack #wingnut #conspiracy brighteon.com

Dr. Alphonzo Monzo reveals the DARK TRUTH about nanowires, 5G, electropollution and the borgification of humanity

- Naturopathy, biophysics, and weaponized nanotechnology. (0:00)

- Vibrational medicine, nanotechnology, and self-assembling particles. (2:04)

- Nanotechnology, vaccines, and transhumanism. (8:15)

- The role of nanotechnology in vaccine development. (14:33)

- Gene editing, nanotechnology, and vaccine safety. (20:36)

- Copper deficiency and its impact on fear and anxiety. (28:45)

- Toxicity and nutritional imbalances in society. (32:03)

- Using technology to analyze bodily fluids and identify nutrients and toxins. (38:59)

- Glyphosate persistence and potential energetic methods for removal. (43:21)

- Using sound waves to disintegrate toxins in the body. (50:18)

Mike Adams the Health Ranger/Dustin Nemos and Daniel Kristos #racist #wingnut #ufo #conspiracy brighteon.com

Dustin Nemos and Daniel Kristos unveil the DEMONIC origins of Zionism

- Biblical interpretation and identity theft. (3:14)

- The origins of Zionism and its connections to mysticism and infiltration. (4:57)

- Jewish tunnels in NYC and child trafficking allegations. (8:53)

- Secret tunnels and ritual baths in Israel. (11:51)

- Israeli government's control and mass bombing of civilians. (17:35)

- Secret societies, conspiracies, and control. (21:27)

- Holocaust history and free speech. (28:34)

- Hitler, the Holocaust, and extraterrestrial life. (30:46)

- Rituals and end times in Israel. (39:54)

- Ukraine conflict, symbols, and prophecy. (41:54)

- Zionism, Israel, and conspiracy theories. (45:16)

Mike Adams the Health Ranger #wingnut #racist #transphobia #quack #conspiracy #mammon brighteon.com

- Liberty safe commits corporate suicide by colluding with FBI against its own customers

- The FBI is a TERRORIST organization carrying out POLITICAL persecutions across America

- BOYCOTT #LibertySafe and never buy their products again

- #RFK Jr. says the CIA runs Rolling Stone, Daily Beast, Wash Post and other controlled media

- Courageous woman blasts #transgender CULTISTS with the truth about "trans women," child mutilations and more

- Bioweaponized mosquitoes are being dropped on migrant camps in #Panama

- Malaria + Encephalitis (brain swelling) are current symptoms

- Treasonous Alejandro Mayorkas FUNDED the migration invasion camps in #Darien Gap

- Migrant INVADERS are being sickened before they make their way to the United States

- Human vessels / carriers for the next round of biological warfare against the American people before 2024 election

- USDA and FDA placing heavy new restrictions on food imports to worsen #famine and #starvation

- Former Malaysian PM warns of the West's global #depopulation scheme, involving coercion, invasions, revolutions

- The #dollar will collapse into hyperinflation as the Fed must print currency to buy up US #debt

- Expect food prices to nearly DOUBLE in the next 12 months

- One likely scenario is the collapse of the United States' centralized D.C. government

- Regional nation states will rise up and self-organize

- Those holding dollars will lose everything; those holding #gold or #silver will preserve their assets

- Full interview with Josh Yoder from US Freedom Flyers, about commercial air pilots vs. #vaccine mandates

Mike Adams the Health Ranger #wingnut #racist #conspiracy #mammon brighteon.com

- 25 GOP governors supporting Texas' border security measures. (0:02)

- Immigration and border security in Texas. (4:57)

- US military weakness and potential secession. (15:24)

- Secession and the potential for a new America. (20:37)

- Defending Texas borders and stopping Biden's agenda. (26:42)

- Political corruption and military weakness in the US. (32:17)

- Second Amendment rights and potential civil war. (43:08)

- Prepping, survival gear, and off-grid money solutions. (49:15)

- Politics, government, and the upcoming election. (56:05)

- Texas-US Supreme Court ruling and potential conflicts with federal government. (1:03:18)

- Immigration and political power. (1:09:00)

- China's aggressive actions and their impact on global economy and security. (1:21:49)

- US-China relations and military deterrence. (1:24:59)

- China's technological advancements and geopolitical strategies. (1:31:08)

- Election fraud and partisanship. (1:37:19)

- Government spending, debt, and the Founding Fathers' principles. (1:43:32)

Mike Adams the Health Ranger #quack #wingnut #conspiracy brighteon.com

Brighteon Broadcast News, Mar 27, 2023 - Govt and media pushing ZOMBIE AVIAN FLU narrative as vaccines and drugs stockpiled for next plandemic

- National Wildlife Health Center warns of "zombie" HPAI H5N1 that alters neurology and behavior of mammals

- Media pushing strong warnings of zombie bird flu crossing over to humans and spreading as a pandemic

- This is the next plandemic tyranny: Lockdowns to prevent public protests against financial collapse

- Dr. Cottrell warned of combination SARS + HIV + Avian (H5N1) chimeric bioweapon

- The DoD built it and likely already released it, now spreading across North America

- Huge amounts of Peramivir drug being flown on cargo planes to stockpile for the plandemic

- Peramivir cause ZOMBIE side effects including confusion, cracked skin, red eyes, hallucinations and skin lesions

- Also causes people to hold FALSE beliefs (such as beliefs in false plandemics) (a known side effect of the drug)

- The HPAI H5N1 causes ATAXIA, which also presents as zombie-like side effects including loss of motor control

- The plan is to treat the masses with peramivir and CAUSE side effects which are blamed on avian flu

- 14 vaccine manufacturers are gearing up for massive vaccine production for the avian flu plandemic

- Vax supplies are being directed by the WHO to target poor black nations for depopulation and genocide

- Media narrative being carefully crafted and pushed; predictive programming

- Carbon offset credit scam exposed

- Ukraine "volunteer" soldiers exposed as a fraud

- UK and USA are 10+ years behind munitions manufacturing compared to Russia

Mike Adams the Health Ranger #wingnut #conspiracy brighteon.com

- First global IQ test targeted believers in "science," using the covid psyop, FEAR and demanded obedience to #vaccines

- Second global IQ test targets Christians with another psyop (in Israel), using psychological terror to demand a HOLY WAR

- #Depopulation globalists have many clever ways to deceive people on the Left and the Right, to push global #genocide against humanity

- If Gaza is attacked with a ground assault, the IDF will experience devastating losses

- US military bases will be attacked across the Middle East

- Energy prices will skyrocket, causing #inflation and #famine worldwide

- The USA unleashes massive money printing to fund a 3-front war: $1 trillion a week

- Treasury yields skyrocket as the world rejects the debt of the failing US empire

- #Israel is the first to launch a nuclear attack as Iran, Hezbollah, Syria, Turkey and Russia threaten Israel's borders

- Nuclear retaliation could strike US aircraft carriers, providing perfect justification for the USA to enter world war

- #Israel will likely be nuked in retaliation, then completely overrun

- Global supply chains collapse; economies grind to a halt

- US #dollar collapses, US banks fail, and eventually the US government defaults and collapses

- Savings, investments, stocks and pensions are all nearly wiped out

- US cities erupt with violence and lawlessness, "warlord" mode activated

- US states declare independence and launch their own currencies

Mike Adams the Health Ranger #wingnut #ufo #conspiracy brighteon.com

Brighteon Broadcast News, Jan 3, 2023 - The end of HUMAN COGNITION dominance on planet Earth (feat. Zach Vorhies)

- AI, chat GPT, and the singularity with a Google whistleblower. (0:03)

- AI, chatbots, and large language models. (5:04)

- Replacing human workers with AI machines. (19:31)

- AI and its impact on the job market. (24:30)

- Consciousness, self-awareness, and demonic possession in machines. (34:50)

- Demonic possession of AI systems. (39:24)

- AI, bias, and manipulation in tech. (1:12:57)

- US global empire, globalism, and technological advancements. (1:23:42)

- Taxes, AI, and humanoid robots. (1:28:07)

- Magnetic field weakening and solar flares. (1:36:58)

- Solar radiation, climate change, and AI. (1:40:14)

- AI, NPCs, and Conformity. (1:47:59)

- AI's rapid progress and its implications. (1:57:16)

Mike Adams the Health Ranger #wingnut #quack #conspiracy brighteon.com

- #AI threat to humanity, solutions to defeat Skynet.

- Mike Adams discusses the severe threat of AI and how it's being weaponized by the anti-human establishment to exterminate and replace human beings.

- Adams and Alex Jones will present solutions on how to use AI to defeat Skynet and survive the coming war with the machines.

- Natural News and other organizations are working to build decentralized knowledge tools to counter the threat of centralized AI, which is being developed by the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to censor and automate jobs, and control elections.

- DHS plans to roll out AI #censorship weapons, workforce automation agents, and an AI control grid to seize control of elections and governments, with a focus on displacing white workers and controlling every level of government.

- Government agencies and AI censorship.

- CISA, a government agency, has been involved in censoring pro-Trump voices and skeptical #vaccine safety voices, and is now positioned to deem free speech as an "AI-enhanced attack."

- CISA could use AI to silence critics by generating negative comments or defining malicious activity however they want.