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Before becoming the Trump-backed Republican nominee for Michigan secretary of state, Kristina Karamo said that abortion is "child sacrifice" and a "satanic practice"

"Abortion is really nothing new. The child sacrifice is a very satanic practice, and that's precisely what abortion is. And we need to see it as such," Karamo, a community college professor, said in an October 2020 episode of her podcast "It's Solid Food"[…]

"When people in other cultures, when they engage in child sacrifice, they didn't just sacrifice the child for the sake of bloodshed"[…]"They sacrificed the child cuz they were hoping to get prosperity and that's precisely why people have abortion now. 'Because I'm not ready[…]"
Karamo[…]reiterated that belief in another episode from July 2020, in which she said humans have sacrificed other humans, including their own children, for "thousands of years, just packaged differently"

"[People] were sacrificing them to these deities, which were really demons," she said

Karamo went on to say in a later episode[…]demonic possession is real and can be transmitted[…]
"If a person has demonic possession — I know it's gonna sound really crazy to me saying that for some people, thinking like what?!" Karamo said in September 2020. "But having intimate relationships with people who are demonically possessed or oppressed — I strongly believe that a person opens themselves up to possession. Demonic possession is real"[…]
Karamo suggested a conspiracy in which left-leaning political operatives who now have business relationships with Netflix[…]were taking over the streaming service to push pro-abortion content



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